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anh and chi

Anh and Chi

Anh and Chi is the classiest place on the block. Cucumber water seconds after being seated. You know what they say about cucumbers, the pickle’s cooler uncle that parties; kind of like Brodie Jenner. However, my admiration for their progressive menu is esteemed.

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mamie taylors

Mamie Taylor’s

       From here on out every word you read will be interpreted as the voice of Sam Elliot. This place is Paul Bunyan during the prohibition era living in the lawless district of Chinatown. Bear skin rugs hitched to the walls as chattel. You ever stared a ten…

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Andina Brewery
Taqueria Playa Tropical
Marcello Pizzeria

Marcello Pizzeria

My first order of business at most Italian restaurants is an extremely refreshing, ice cold Peroni. When in Rome am I right? (Or little Italy in this case). Marcello, being a Neapolitan style pizzeria with a large wood burning oven does make the interior a little warm in the summer.

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Biercraft Bistro
Fire Pizza
Fresgo Inn Restaurant