Mission: Make Vancouver the Canadian city with the best taste and the best tour date in music.

Our Vision

           We compare attending concerts to collecting the rarest vinyls. Concerts are a collection of memories and moments that only happen once never able to repeat them; unique. It's something intangible that no one can take away from you and we want to promote that concept to concert going. Take part of the history being made everyday in music by either attending an established artist's show years into their career or even better; supporting an artist that hasn't blown up yet so you witness the humility and excitement in their eyes at a small intimate venue. Be there, be present and support the rising stars that you will get to know through this website. Hear them live for $20 before it's $80 with help from City Soundcheck.

Our Story

          It all began by being music fans and we felt that something was missing in Vancouver's culture. We are a thriving city in the arts, but it all seemed too mainstream and outsourced. We believe our city needs a site that introduces new music by international artists and local providing an organic hip Vancouverite experience through the introduction of good music everyday. This will hopefully change what radio stations, restaurants and nightclubs play; choosing rising stars with quality music instead of mainstream artists with loads of money for promotion. By staying 'music woke' this will sell out more concerts in the city. Vancouver, please listen to good music.