Action Bronson – White Bronco

action bronson
white bronco

Bronson celebrates himself with new single..

             Our favourite chef/rapper celebrates all of his successes and endeavours in his latest jazzy release titled "White Bronco." It's his first independent release since 2011 after splitting from Atlantic Records since really if anyone can be independent successfully; its Bronson. "White Bronco" is produced by Daringer and Bronson's live band The Special Victims Unit. Along with his single, Bronson announced his 4th studio album by the same name White Bronco, which the cover was painted by the rapper himself... sorry the now painter himself. What can this guy not do. PS Action Bronson announced his new book is finished and coming out soon, so get hype for that.

Stream his latest single below and find it on our City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify.

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