Agency aims to educate your soul with the politically charged “Resist”


A beautiful album that doesn't turn a blind eye..

Stand out Tracks: Black Boys on Mopeds, Backwards, Red To The Moon, Senses of Insecurity
Release Date: August 24, 2017

          Agency is America's awakening through modern protest music, which blends sounds from a variety of genres including world, r&b/soul, rock, electronic and alternative hip-hop. Though a relatively new artist, Agency has managed to touch its listeners receiving accolades such as being featured on a number one Traxsource charting track, and two Indaba music contest wins in 'Featured Artist' for the single "Millions" and Sony Cover Music Series for The Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand." Agency exercises the right to produce protest music and decides to follow up the critically acclaimed debut album, Identity with another album dedicated to the current US political climate.

Through a clear voice and clear message, Agency delivers a powerful album titled, Resist showcasing the importance of not turning a blind eye to hard times like the United States is going through. The album's relevant theme is one that could have easily been from the 60s and 70s but that further proves Agency's point that it's relevance today can not be ignored. Agency speaks on this social issue candidly and head on producing a 15-track project that is both disruptive and beautiful.

Resist opens with Martin Luther King Jr.'s last powerful speech, 'I've Been To The Mountaintop' on the track, "What's Going On (Right Now)?" setting the tone to a politically fueled project. The theme of black racism is touched upon by every song, but not as much as in the second track of the album, "Till & Marrow." On the second track, Agency dedicates it to reliving the events of the Emmitt Till and Henry Marrow murders (of the 50s and 70s) over electronic production. Electronic music influence is seen on other tracks throughout the album like "Desire" where you can hear a walking bass line and bonus track "Let The Woman Roar [Rumours, Part 2]." "Rumours" and "March On Babylon" continue the theme of oppression through blends of jazz and electronic music. Agency follows Drake's steps with "Backwards" using a dancehall beat with a modern r&b sound to make it one of the more up beat tracks on the album. "Ice Cold" brings hip-hop production to the album's sonic blend, while vulnerable cuts like "Sense of Insecurity" and "Red To The Moon" have won Agency comparisons to Gallant and even Frank Ocean. Finally to what has gained Agency recognition are his incredible renditions of famous covers. On the album, Agency covered Sinead O'Connor's "Black Boys on Mopeds" and Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun" slowing down the songs adding his own emotional touch.

It is difficult to escape the emotional clench or emotional black hole that Agency creates in Resist. A graceful educative album and a sonic experience of the highest standard. Dope.

"You will learn more through the stories presented in the song. We cover the human experience... a wealth of material shedding light on our loves, our regrets, our hopes, and our fears." - Agency

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