Agency keeps the Indie Alt Hip Soul music coming with new album ‘Philosophies’


An album to listen to from front to back..

          Agency has been pumping out music the past year like the 'Future' of their own respective genre, which they describe as "Indie Alt Hip Soul." With three quality albums under their belt for 2017, Agency brings on 2018 with their fourth album titled, Philosophies. It follows up their last album, which was the graceful love-themed Famous Blue Raincoat and before that was the politically charged Resist. Just recently, Agency was nominated for two Independent Music Awards for their album Resist and their touching cover of Sinead O'Connor's "Black Boys on Mopeds." This recognition is just the start for a duo whose material isn't only well-orchestrated music, but songwriting with many layers. 

Their latest album Philosophies blends the sounds of every album before it, but with a much more pop delivery without losing the jazz undertones. You could say that Philosophies is Agency's FutureSex/LoveSounds for the similar dance-oriented production. The album opens with the forever catchy "Hard To Believe" and keeps the alternative dance party going all through to "I Can't Think of Anything But You" where Agency brings out the stool and guitar for a love song (just my imagery). "Millions (All I See Is You)" is the radio song that should get played everywhere because man it's better than any radio song here in Vancouver. The electro-synth track is the stand out off the album from which the album starts to get very alternative filled with complex jazz riffs like in "Help Me Find My Way Home." "Damn 2" closes the album with a lively exit that introduces a whole new sound from Agency after their fourth album in around a year. Take the time to listen to the album front to back and stayed tuned for more new music from Agency as four albums in a year may not be enough!

Stream the album here on Spotify and find various tracks on the Burn Slow Vibes and Kickback Jazz Soul playlists via Spotify.




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