Chrystyna Marie gets personal on her new album “Life”

Chrystyna Marie
chrystyna marie

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"Life" is a savory piece of gritty Blues..

Stand out Tracks: "Mr. Insecurity," "Mama's Blues"

Release Date: July 24, 2017

          Chrystyna Marie is a blues rock artist from Los Angeles with a "powder keg voice over a cocktail of grungy blues and pop." Though originally from Toronto, Canada, the Canadian singer started at a tender age of 18 supporting Ontario acts and being a demo singer for several indie labels. Her musical past doesn't end there, she's appeared in community plays, music videos, television and been part of a LA-founded pop group called Greencat; that she later left to pursue her solo career. Her solo career that is based in LA is funded by her full-time construction job, which emulates the grind of an independent artist who demands recognition and rightly so. Her album, Life, was recorded in her own terms and through her own experiences: a true pledge of a passionate artist.

Life was released July 24th, with lead singles "I Want That Boom Boom" and "Mr. Insecurity." The album opens with the heavy rock lead single "I Want That Boom Boom" that fuels the blues rock album from the get-g0. "Devil with the Angel Eyes" is a track I would compare to Carrie Underwood due to the country sound of it. The upbeat knee-slapping music and harmonica paint a clear picture of a saloon for me. The second single "Mr. Insecurity" follows, which is much more up the alley for someone who strongly hates the sound of country music. This slow moody track hits all the right notes delivering an emotional story of heartbreak with Chrystyna's vocals taking centre stage. Chrystyna is at her best when her vocals aren't drowned in the music like in "The Witching Hour" and even in "A Woman Knows." She loses the spotlight in these songs in comparison to "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" where the focus is split up to highlight either her vocals or piano/guitar solo. "Stop Stoppin' Myself" is a good example of an instrument-heavy track where her vocals share the stage, but don't get outshined. The album closes with what I think is the strongest song on the album titled, "Mama's Blues," which begins with a haunting duel between the piano and electric guitar. You can hear the emotion in her voice as she belts out her vocal range on the soulful blues track.

I hope her next album is more of "Mama's Blues" or "Mr. Insecurity" and less of "Devil with the Angel Eyes" as her unique vocals should be the main focus instead of the heavy instrumental music, which over powered her on some of the songs. 

You can stream the album on Spotify or Soundcloud and support/follow her on social media. Lastly, Chrystyna Marie's song "Mama's Blues" can be found on the Burn Slow Vibes Spotify playlist.

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