Luke Christopher raps and sings on new album ‘TMRWFRVR’

Luke Christopher

Luke Christopher delivers an album without artistic borders..

Stand out Tracks: "Lost," "Jameson," "Higher," "Heartbreak Fiction"

Release Date: July 28th, 2017

          Luke Christopher is no stranger to releasing mixtapes; having been doing it since high school, the Los Angeles rapper/singer/producer/songwriter (pretty much "all the above") has just released his debut studio album. His debut is titled, TMRWFRVR is a continuation to his past mixtapes that first introduced the 'TMRW' tapes. Signed under ByStorm Entertainment/RCA, Luke Christopher delivers a 15 track compilation of raps and smooth R&B. His range on the album parallels choruses that resemble Frank Ocean's laid back flow to verses that sound like Skizzy Mars and Travie McCoy (of the Gym Class Heroes). The 24 year old has a debut that's an easy listen and everyone can enjoy similar to the sound polished in Khalid's debut album American Teen.

TMRWFRVR kicks off with a poignant track titled "Lost" about feeling adrift in relationships where Luke juggles between rapping and singing. The album's first single is titled, "Waterfalls," which continues the love complications with a beat relying on monotonous piano keys displaying the constant emotion. The hurt is further demonstrated in "Complicated," but the album turns upbeat with "Believer" where it begins with a constant kick drum to a chorus that sounds like he's pledging his allegiance to Bieber (not really though). The contrast between the Pop/R&B chorus and rap verses bring out the Travie McCoy comparison, which can also be found in songs like "Heartbreak Fiction," "Pretend" and "Till You Die." "Can't Sleep" is where the album turns to a house beat for a song dedicated to insomnia and where Luke furthers his artistic range effortlessly hitting the high notes. "Selfless" is the first song fully dedicated to rap with a looped guitar sample to soften the track and keep the album's smooth vibe. More rap songs come in the form of "Other Beds" and "Give Me Your Pain."  "Jameson" hones a distorted voice in the background over a bouncy beat that really just makes you want to get down to. When it comes to popularity, I can see "Higher" and "SmallTown" being the catchiest tracks on the album and easiest to get on the radio. It may be the organ piano intro or the hypersensitive lyrics, but "Heartbreak Fiction" is a track with Frank Ocean on the hook and Travie McCoy rapping; though all you really need is Luke Christopher. The album concludes with a melodious piano-dominated, "Lots to Learn," ending the album on a hopeful and reminiscent note. The beats, choruses and verses were all on point and Luke Christopher is a relatable artist whose subject matter appeals to a wide audience making the mainstream an easy place to break in for him. Dope debut by the LA rapper/singer.


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