An Intimate Look Into the World of Maggie Rogers

maggie rogers
by Isaac Zipursky (@isaac.m.z)

Maggie Rogers made the Commodore feel as intimate as a cafe performance..

             Few words can describe Maggie Rogers’ first Vancouver performance. One that comes to mind is organic. With raw, unrelenting vocals, a fantastically in-tune band, and quiet moments of intimacy with the up-and-coming artist, Maggie Rogers provided us with a deep look into her world as a performer.

Those moments of profound vulnerability were what separated Maggie Rogers from the thousands of other artists that have performed at The Commodore Ballroom. Her dialogue, while sporadic and perhaps a little impromptu, was a look at not just Maggie Rogers as a musician, but as a human being. And that human being loves to dance. From the beginning of the show, Maggie flung herself around the stage, bringing an energy that can only be described as electrifying. And she kept it up, song after song after song. Her dancing was wild, eccentric, and purely motivated by her powerful history as an individual. But most of all, her dancing was contagious, a bug which was caught by many in the audience.

By far the most captivating song was ‘Alaska’, the piece that originally put Maggie Rogers in the spotlight. But last night it came with a twist: Maggie pulled her opening artist, the fantastic Melanie Faye, to jam out with her in a truly exceptional performance. Melanie Faye’s guitar and Maggie Rogers’ voice was a match made in heaven, as were their bright pink and red cowboy hats they donned while playing together. Their duet showcased the talent of both singer and guitarist, and was a wonder to behold. This song, along with many others, such as ‘Dog Years’ and countless others from her new album ‘Heard It In a Past Life,’ gave us a taste of Maggie’s wide range as both a singer and a producer. And they all sound spectacular live.

Overall, Maggie Rogers brought with her an energy that is seemingly lost in some modern day performers. Her vocals, dance moves, and willingness to share the stage with others gives concertgoers a unique experience. What's more, her ability to captivate us with both her music and personality adds a distinctive flavour that screams Maggie Rogers. She truly is a one-of-a-kind performer, and should be at the top of the list when she inevitably returns to Vancouver.

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All photography by Isaac Zipursky.

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