Andina Brewery – Dine Dom

Andina Brewery

1507 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 5C3


4/5 stars

          The Andina building on its own is art. The free parking lot is the gallery, and the brewery is the artiste behind it all. Unofficially (my personal theory), their nachos, 'Pachos', are named after Columbian drug lord Pacho Herrera, because they murder every tastebud you've ever loved. Seriously killed it with the chifles. Their ceviche... Fresher than the latest Kardashian scandal. Speaking of those infamous monitas, (*Monita - Colombian slang for blondie*) their monita blonde ale is vigorous. Even got a growler for the drive home. Sipping monita, chatting with monitas... Bonita!


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