Andrew Goldring releases the retrospective “Morning Light EP”

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Andrew Goldring stays hopeful channelling his inner demons..

Stand out Track: "Let Me Be"

Release Date: July 1st, 2017

          It sounds like Andrew Goldring, the Salt Lake City singer/songwriter, may have found Beck's diary and picked up a few tips as his new album's sound resonates Beck's Morning Phase while his songwriting that of Elliott Smith. The use of mellow guitar chords and dreamy piano keys topped with meaningful lyrics combines for a beautifully honest project. Morning Light EP was released July 1st of this year and boasts an incredible start to Andrew's solo career after fronting for bands such as Golden Sun and Great Interstate the past 5 years. Andrew self-produced and engineered the album, while Bahamas, Andy Shauf & Feist collaborator, Philip Shaw Bova took care of the mixing/mastering. The Utah native is a classic example of an artist whose influences can be heard within his music giving those that came before him a peace of mind that genres like Americana, Indie and Psychedelic Rock are in good hands.

         Morning Light EP  kicks off in the form of "Cosmic Dance" with instant melancholy as soon as the kick drums and hi-hats break in, foreshadowing the first harrowing line,

"I keep running out of confidence."

You feel the loneliness in his voice and stagnant feeling of not going anywhere in life and perhaps in his case, fear of never getting out of Utah. In my opinion, the cosmic dance alludes to the planets always revolving around the sun, but always staying within the same distances as each other never really changing position (in life). The album cover itself seems to have a representation of the solar system showing the 'cosmic dance.' You can watch the music video for the track below. In the following song, "Let Me Be," a much more uplifting side of Andrew Goldring is shown fighting to embrace his uniqueness, which at the end of the day is what has brought him his musical success. As a multi-instrumentalist, Andrew chooses his instruments wisely, providing an electrifying guitar riff to take over his vocals when absent. "Beautiful Lie" is the third song on the EP returning to a much more psychedelic sound taking advantage of distortion on this track. He speaks on feeling let down referring to it as a 'beautiful lie' that is bound to happen to everyone sooner or later. "Morning Light" closes the EP, which sounds like a song taken straight from Beck's Morning Phase. The dreamy and tranquil track shines through; finding hope in the delayed bass drums. Andrew Goldring is the 'morning light' who is bound to impress a broader audience.

You can purchase the album in digital or vinyl form here on Bandcamp. Stream the Morning Light EP  here on Spotify, while you can also find some of his tracks on City Soundcheck's Spotify playlist 'Burn Slow Vibes.'


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