Arkells feel the passion on lead single “Relentless” off their upcoming album


Arkells continue to impress with latest single..

                     It's no secret that the Arkells are one of the biggest bands in Canada right now. The Hamilton, Ontario band has been releasing a new album every 2-3 years for the past 10 years now and it doesn't seem as though they are slowing down any time soon. With the release of yet another studio album set for October 19th, 2018, Rally Cry will be the band's 5th record to date. Their lead single "Relentless" stems from non other than Gord Downie himself who was described by The Tragically Hip's lead guitarist as "Relentless, like a dog on a bone." Max Kerman, Arkells frontman, knew right away that was going to be the chorus of their fond, heartfelt lead single. Arkells are continuously touring, and if you ever get the chance to see them live I can personally guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

Check out 'Relentless' below on Spotify and/or Youtube. You can pre-order Arkells 5th studio album 'Rally Cry' now here, and it will be released on October 19th, 2018.

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