Australian singer Didirri captures hearts worldwide with latest EP Measurements


Didirri swings with new EP and doesn't miss..

            Australian singer Didirri gives the world yet another reason to be envious of their already beautiful country, but now we have to add the serious musical talent that Australia has been producing recently.  With support from multi-instrumentalist sensation Tash Sultana and Tom Windish of Paradigm, Didirri is headed down the same path as the Aussie musicians before him. With a voice enough to bring tears to Windish's eyes, Didirri proves his worth with his latest EP, Measurements. 

The EP features Didirri's lead folk single "Worth the Wait," which features his raw strumming and vocals that are making him the latest talent out of Australia. Other notable songs off Measurements include the opening track "Blind You" and "Jude."

Stream the rest of the album here and get Didirri on all your playlists or simply follow Burn Slow Vibes via Spotify. Watch the video for "I Can't Get Last Night Out of My Mind" below.

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