Avery Lr takes his plea to the mainstream in new single “Color of Skin”

avery lr
Avery Lr


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Underground rapper Avery Lr makes his voice heard..

          Avery Lr is an underground rapper or as I see it, a rapper of the people. At a very young age, formerly from Baltimore, Maryland, Avery Lr was exposed to the social issues that we hear from the United States everyday. Whether it was in Baltimore, Colombia or Salt Lake City, social issues like sexual abuse, suicide and drug abuse were rampant throughout his childhood. The fuel to his verses are his experiences growing up, pulling from the streets influencing others to follow the brighter path. Avery Lr has been compared to Beanie Sigel, Styles P and Uncle Murda, rapping over similar bass heavy tracks, drawing from the streets for subject matter with clever rhymes.

Avery Lr's new single "Color of Skin" is a plea to the mainstream for change, getting political in the fight against racism. The hardest hitting verse on the single is:

"I got two mixed kids, they'll consider them black, so when they get pulled over.. yeah we working on that."

Although he points out the struggle surrounding racism, Avery stays confident that things will get better as long as people with a voice speak out and that's exactly what he's striving towards. It certainly isn't a track that will get radio play or will be on repeat, but there is always a place for rappers that speak on what is important especially with those who have a platform like Avery Lr. Reaching mainstream success is possible for woke rappers following the lead from artists like J. Cole who don't filter out social issues for the sake of radio play. For the most part, it's the underground rappers who are the realest without any external pressures, but even J. Cole has the tracks that bring the ladies to the show, which is as important when breaking out of the underground.

You can also check out Avery Lr's 25-track mixtape called Surviving below. Made up of the hottest instrumentals proving that he can keep up with the originals adding his own flavour to the popular tracks. An interesting re-make on the mixtape is the huge radio track titled, "7 Years" by Lukas Graham. Avery Lr flips it from a pop song to a total ghetto gospel making it one of the hardest tracks on the mixtape. It appears to have his son 'Aries' on the hook to make the track that much more personal and powerful. Avery keeps his preaching at a minimum on Surviving dedicating most of his time to trap anthems such as Fat Joe & Remy Ma's "All The Way Up," Drake's "Energy (remixed to Enemies)," Eminem's "Lose Yourself (Loose Yourself)," Big Sean's "Fire" and even Desiigner's hit "Panda." Avery Lr proves his hunger delivering bars throughout the mixtape justifying his 6 years in the underground.

Avery Lr's video for "One Dream" can be found below featuring 10asee who attempts a type of Warren G flow, which does not come off well, but Avery saves the track. Though it's not his best song or video, Avery Lr confirms that the ghetto gospel vibe is his thing. "Color of Skin" and "7 Years" is a step to the right direction for original material showing that Avery Lr has what it takes to create an emotional connection through hard hitting tracks. 



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