Bakar drops his latest EP ‘Will You Be My Yellow’ featuring daze-ridden hits


Bakar fills London's melancholy with cheerful love stories..

             London singer/rapper Bakar returns since his experimental debut album Badkid with a brand new polished EP titled Will You Be My Yellow?. The songwriter returns with stories of heartbreak and feelings that blur the line between infatuation and love. A year can be a long time when you're transitioning between a kid and adult and the growth is evident in Bakar's music. The writing has more substance and ideas are better put together into melodies representing moments. Bakar's new EP is championed by his catchy lead single "Hell N Back" proving that finding love can really change someone's life in a 180 direction for the better; sometimes it takes enduring hell to find peace. The project takes a turn on "Stop Selling Her Drugs" with Bakar realizing not every relationship is meant to be bringing a reflective tone to the project. "Been a Minute" is another favourite off the project bringing a simple narrative of loneliness and how time can stretch out to seem like forever. The drums bang like a heartbeat allowing you to feel Bakar's angst amidst the mental tossin' and turnin'. The rest of the project includes additional tracks "Yllw," "Ghosts," and "Cashmere Tears" that bring the EP together as a body of work. One of the most exciting artists coming up that you should not miss out on knowing.

Stream "Hell N Back" and "Stop Selling Her Drugs" on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist while "Been a Minute" is found on The AM Sound