Belly drops his best project to date with ‘Mumble Rap’


Belly proves he's Roc Nation material with 'Mumble Rap'..

Stand out Tracks: "Bobby Brown," "Mumble Rap," "Alcantara," "Immigration To The Trap"

Release Date: October 6th, 2017

          Belly is a Canadian rapper who has been around for what may seem forever. Though, his mainstream success came for the first time with breakout singles "Hot Girl" with Snoop Dogg and "I'm The Man" with Kurupt, it didn't last long sparking a hiatus from music. It wasn't until he began rolling with The Weeknd eventually signing with XO where his rise was on the horizon once again. 2015 was the year things started going for the decorated rapper who hadn't been able to find his consistent sound all these years. Belly gained traction and recognition with a string of projects releasing Up For Days (2015), Another Day In Paradise (2016), and Inzombia (2016). Along with The Weeknd's own success, Belly had created his own buzz capitalizing on the platform The Weeknd had created. This prompt Belly in getting signed to Roc Nation and releasing his first project in 2017. Mumble Rap was released and instantly proved Belly's worth with his best music to date.

The album was released on October 6th and is Belly's first full-length project under Roc Nation. Man, what a debut. The album opens up with Belly's drug dealer flow in "Immigration To The Trap" where we are introduced with Boi-1's monster production, which awaits us on the rest of the project. The suspenseful production sets a vibe of paranoia, but it's under this scrutiny that Belly thrives and delivers Roc Nation worthy bars. "Make A Toast" features Boi-1da's heavy drum production while Belly reminisces on his shortcomings, celebrating his new found success. Belly gets vulnerable on "The Come Down Is Real Too" and "Lullaby" channelling his appreciation/sentiment for Toronto with the track offering Drake type beats and samples that could have easily lived on Drake's critically acclaimed album, Take Care. "Mumble Rap" instantly opens with a looped sample that immediately establishes the fourth track as a banger. The lo-fi and mumbled hook sets the whole mood to the title track making fun of the sensation of 'mumble rap' that has taken over the rap game. In accordance with singer Bobby Brown's extravagant life, Belly snaps on the sixth track on which he pays homage calling it, "Bobby Brown." The XO signed producer, Ben Billions is the one responsible for production on the soulful bluesy banger that makes you want to get out and spend a stack. "Papyrus" features a sample that triggers nostalgia straight from the Army Men II: Homeland video game, but is transformed to a banger comparing Belly's luxurious lifestyle to that of Ancient Egypt. "Alcantara" is the only cut off the album with a feature enlisting GOOD Music President Pusha-T. The duo come together for a song that is a clear stand out with an eerie sound and heavy drums ready to blow your car speakers. Belly closes the album with the tracks, "Clean Edit," "P.O.P.," and "All Alone" where Belly raps about dealing with the media, men's allurement to women, and the profound loneliness of an artist.

Mumble Rap is the consitency that Belly has been longing for and the production he's needed to snap. The XO and Roc Nation rapper is on to something with this project proving his worth in a label that includes J. Cole, Rihanna, Big Sean, Fabolous, T.I., Vic Mensa & more. This album will be in rotation for months to come especially when it came from Canadian underground rap made mainstream. Stream the album here via Soundcloud or Spotify and check out the video for the title track below.

You can find several tracks on the City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify.

"A fearless and decorated rebirth"

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