Ben Stevenson’s new album is the answer to our summer blues

ben stevenson
ben stevenson

Ben Stevenson brings the mellow vibes for our autumn days...

Stand out Tracks: "No Better Way," "Some Kind of Blue," "Honeycola"

Release Date: September 22, 2017

           Toronto singer/songwriter, Ben Stevenson, is a cup of tea early in the morning when the dew is still on the ground and when the mist hasn't dissipated trapping all the beauty around just for your eyes to see. His latest album, Cara Cara, which will soon be on your 'chill music' playlist that you all have on Spotify is sure to bring you mellow vibes for days. This is Ben's debut album following up his EP from 2014 titled, Dirty Laundry which was what initially let him break out into the Toronto music scene. The follow up comes 3 years later in the form of a 12-track LP fully produced by Ben Stevenson with contributions from a variety of Toronto artists like Daniel Caesar, BADBADNOTGOOD's Matty Tavares and Destroyer's Joseph Shabason to name a few. The album's sound is a blend of alternative/indie, world, jazz, r&b/soul, electronic and punk in the way that it doesn't conform to one sound.

The album soulfully opens with one of the stand out tracks, "No Better Way." The track is the perfect cut to introduce the overall sound of the album including a flute solo that sounds like Ben somehow picked up Ron Bergundy to bless the track. Track after track, Ben takes you through a catalog of songs aimed in letting you unwind starting with "Up in the Morning," "Mind Movie," "Until the End," and "Cara Cara." Two of the stand out tracks follow the same mellow theme with "Yellow Bird" incorporating an acoustic sound while "Some Kind of Blue" starts experimenting with different sounds much like Bon Iver. The tracks I consider more experimental and a blend of genres begin with "Television" which sounds like the trance one would get into when binge watching shows. The beat sounds like an adaptation of trip hop, but Ben's warm voice keeps it in the realm of the album's theme sonically. The experimenting of multi-layered harmonies, kick drums and electronic sounds continue in "Endless," "Wavy Wednesday", and the Matty Tavares featured "Honeycola" making it a soothing punk album. Much like Sampha, James Blake and Bon Iver's music, let this album be your muse to start your day beautifully. Another win for Toronto...

Find the tracks, "Some Kind of Blue," "Yellow Bird," "No Better Way," and "Honeycola" on the Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

"A clean, soulful out of reach dream"

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