Biercraft Bistro – Dine Dom

Biercraft Bistro

3505 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W6


4.5/5 stars            

          Walked right in sat at the bar and was greeted with a bowl of Cajun popcorn and a man with a moustache that belonged on top of a penny-farthing (please google that if you've never heard of one). This was an elite stache, one of the finest I've seen up close. So after taking a look at the extended drink menu I realized there's way too many beers for me to choose one and I asked the man with the stache to assemble me a flight of his choosing. They were all very flavourful but terribly hard to pronounce and I only remember one being the 'Houblon Chouffe'. He wrote a card for the beers but it was so fine I couldn't understand it. The moustache matched his penmanship perfectly, like a signature on the Declaration of Independence, he is the eighteenth century warrior. He then recommended a pint of Parallel 49 Brewing 'Bodhisattva' and mussels as that's what they're known for. I'm placing that beer in my top five best beers and ranking the mussels in my top two best mussels. Must've eaten two loaves of bread with it as well while drooling. Moral of the story, trust the mo' bro.

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