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Psychedelic rock group 'Big Something' share synth fuelled single 'Wildfire' off newest album 'The Otherside'

            The psychedelic rock group Big Something joined fellow North Carolina native J. Cole with the release of a new album this past 4/20. Big Something’s album ‘The Otherside’ sounds like the musical love child of a modern day Pink Floyd/Muse rock group. Take a listen and tell me I’m wrong. Highlighted single 'Wildfire' is just an example of the catchy synthetic rhythms mixing with smooth guitar riffs and soothing vocals. ‘The Otherside’ is the fifth studio album that Big Something has released in the past nine years, and it seems as though their just getting started.  All the songs on this album have the potential to be summer playlist must-haves, but the single ‘Wildfire’ is a definite must-have for all summer activities.

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