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bones & bridges

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A genre-bending ensemble combines tragedy and beauty..

           Toronto comes through again with another genre-bending group called Bones & Bridges. Made up of Anthony Arthur, Atom Martin, and TEE, they mix the sounds of your inner darkness that lives within us all (Bones) with hopefulness and optimism (Bridges). Their music is a mix of R&B, Soul, Electronic production and a touch of rock complemented by their individual styles. They debuted with their hard-hitting, but somber single "Reveries," which was released around 4 months ago. Debuting with a much more rock sound, they change things up on their latest single "Go Figure" blending melancholic vocals with an up beat and cheery production. Like their name suggests, their blend of the ying and yang makes for timeless music and a transition of emotions felt throughout their songs.

Stream Bones & Bridges' latest single below and find it on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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