Brazilian singer Corbin Hale shares first single “Wildcard” off his upcoming EP

corbin hale

Brazilian singer finds himself inspired in new hometown..

               You don't leave the paradise that is Rio De Janeiro for any odd reason, but that's what Brazilian singer Corbin Hale did last year to pursue his dream of playing music full-time in Vancouver. He traded the golden beaches filled with gorgeous tanned women for the melancholic weather we know so well as clouds and rain in Vancouver. With an inspiring story to his name, Corbin Hale's music doesn't lag too far behind bringing catchy, hopeful choruses and thoughtful stories to Vancouver's pop/rock scene. In 2017, Corbin Hale released his debut EP initiating his new life in Vancouver titled, Chapter One. Then soon after the wake of his arrival in 2018, Corbin Hale dropped his biggest single to date titled, "Kaleidoscope." That went on to accumulate over 7,000 streams on Spotify and quickly challenged him to follow it up with an even bigger release. So following the success of his first release of 2018, Corbin recently dropped the title track and first single called "Wildcard" off his upcoming EP of the same nameAmong the positive Axwell /\ Ingrosso-esque chorus, "Wildcard" doesn't falter on the verses delivering raspy and wistful messages channelling his inner The National. It's a celebratory track of hope explaining that wildcards like the ace are hard to come by, but when they do, they make a difference. 

Stream "Wildcard" below and find it on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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