Cage The Elephant drop new single “Ready To Let Go” + announce new album

cage the elephant

Thank god, Cage The Elephant is back..

              American rock band Cage The Elephant make their triumphant return after a 2 year hiatus with their brand new single "Ready To Let Go." This is the first time we hear some new music since their 2017 live album Unpeeled and before that with their 2015 Tell Me I'm Pretty. The two year hiatus seems to be a reoccurring pattern with every album being released in 2 year intervals ever since their self-titled debut back in 2009. As the 2 year pattern suggests, Cage The Elephant's upcoming album will be out April 19th and will be called Social Cues. "Ready To Let Go" is the first single off the album and was released with visuals that bring a very Nirvana/Oasis feel. 

Stream and watch the full video for "Ready To Let Go" below. You can find their new single on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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