CAKE groovin’ back to action with first new music in 7 years


"Real greatness comes from community, cooperation, and ethical leadership" - CAKE front man, John McCrae.  

              After putting their music making on a halt for 7 years, CAKE is back with a bang. Their latest single "Sinking Ship" marks the long awaited return of the Sacramento boys and it does not disappoint. At first listen you're already completely hooked by the grooving base line. The track outlines the current state of the world with an emphasis on the craziness that is America, continually stating that "we are on a sinking ship." CAKE uses their musical talents to express their political views in a blunt, pessimistic, yet somehow non-hyperbolic matter. Interestingly, CAKE is raising funds to put towards Doctors Without Borders in attempt to find leaders that will put the country (U.S.) above self-interest.

Check out the gravitating claymation for "Sinking Ship" below via Youtube.

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