Cassidy Waring releases new reflective single “Nostalgia”

cassidy waring
cassidy Waring

Waring's voice and talent is captured wonderfully in this single.

              It’s always great to see new music from Cassidy Waring who is one of the most expressive and mesmerizing voices in the Vancouver music scene. What she can do with just her voice and a ukulele is so hypnotic on stage. It’s exciting to see what that talent can accomplish in a studio.

Fitting that the song opens with a single bass note, because whoever played bass for this track absolutely killed it. It’s rare that a bass performance sticks out to me so much. The production overall is fantastic. The mastering of this track has that warm, analog sound to it, very fitting for a song called Nostalgia. The backing vocal tracks at the end of the song sit perfectly in the mix. The layering of the organ in the chorus is great. Also, it sounds like there’s a flute panned to the far right, another good layer. The guitar that comes in on the second chorus is a nice touch. And it’s followed by a short and tasteful solo that goes seamlessly into the bridge. The way the bridge repeats over the last chorus is a wonderful way to give the climax of the song a little extra bravado. From a technical perspective this song is excellent. And there’s a lot to unravel in the production. Those are my favourite kinds of songs to listen to.

As I said at the start, Waring has an incredible voice that soars in a live performance. I’ve found it’s often hard for artists to capture that quality in a recording, even if you have all the budget in the world. There’s something about a powerful voice that just fills a room. You can feel it in your chest. Cassidy’s voice is captured wonderfully in this recording. Still I would definitely urge you to see her perform live if you have the chance.

Find "Nostalgia" on the Muse Love Sounds playlist via Spotify.

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