KROWNS – Triumphant

Nirvana is arguably one of (if not) the most influential rock bands of all time, especially for up and coming groups like KROWNS. Using the powerful messages off Nirvana’s 1991 album Nevermind, KROWNS came up with their own modern version of heart felt rock that can be heard on their debut album Fake It.

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don brownrigg
running red lights
bad child
corbin hale
cautious clay

Cautious Clay – REASONS

No wonder he has John Mayer’s co-sign..               Brooklyn-based R&B/soul singer Cautious Clay delivered some of his best melodic tunes this year with his album, Blood Type and EP, Resonance, bringing similar sing-a-long melodies as John Mayer introduced to the world at the start of his career.…

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Camarano – Table Mountain

You can feel Perth’s sun in this one..                Australian singer-songwriter-producer Camarano always delivers those tunes that keep summer around year long, especially difficult during these tough weeks Vancouver is experiencing. His latest release is the sun-kissed track titled, “Table Mountain.” Top down jeep…

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andrew phelan

Andrew Phelan – Sharks

This song hits hard, if you “couldn’t quite tell”..                Vancouver’s very own local Rainbow Kitten Surprise crossed with Ocean Alley’s catchy choruses gives us none other than solo act singer/musician Andrew Phelan. If you missed him at Skookum Festival then you won’t be…

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mike edel

Mike Edel – Challenger

It feels like 1986 all over again..               Victoria folk singer/musician Mike Edel brings us all the way back to January 26th, 1986 to when the people on the Challenger met their demise. His new song “Challenger” remembers the hopeless feeling at a time…

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