angus and julia stone

Angus & Julia Stone – Youngblood

The Australian sibling duo make their 2018 return ..              With their successful 2017 album Snow now in the past, the Australian sibling singer-songwriting duo Angus & Julia Stone were due for their 2018 return. With only a couple re-worked releases of their single “Chateau,” including…

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LEISURE – Feeling Free

Auckland’s supergroup is back..               Auckland supergroup and masters of chill, LEISURE, are back releasing their first single of the year since their 2017 track “Money.” The Australian group finally bring their soul-lifting and groove enticing sound back with their new single “Feeling Free.”…

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chris clute
andrew goldring

Martin Kerr – You’re Amazing

Canadian neo-folk artist Martin Kerr delivering feel good single titled “You’re Amazing”                      Edmonton singer-songwriter Martin Kerr sets a new high with his newest single “You’re Amazing.” The Edmonton neo-folk artist releases one of the feel good tunes of the year, that…

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Novo Amor
matt mays
jon bryant

Jon Bryant – Cultivated

Jon Bryant has found a new awakening in melody..              Halifax-born and Vancouver-based singer Jon Bryant has been sharing music rooted to the belief in the need for connection. He believes humans have a natural inclination to tribalism and music is one way to fulfill…

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jack grace

Jack Grace – owe u one

Jack Grace makes his timely return..             Australian singer-songwriter Jack Grace returns and lets the metronome go on his latest release. With his recent success on tour with toe, Jack Grace has been introducing himself globally as one of the best new talents in music.…

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