Sopra Sotto

The booths are deep enough to lose the echoes of Don Giovanni’s baritone and house the gut of Joey Diaz in his physical prime. The focaccia has more dough than a Nike contract so you’ll need the room, and if you aren’t baptizing every piece in oil they’ll have you whacked on the way to the car.

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The Cannibal Cafe

Being called “Cannibal Cafe” one can’t help but wonder if there is a password used for ordering human meat, I tried codeword “Chinatown”. But after my best Rockford impersonations the closest thing I found was meat raised humanely, which in probably every way is better. We came in with an average heart rate of about 110 knots after an espresso rip celebrating a birthday.

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L.A Chicken

When walking into this quiet little spot off 5 Road there are a couple things you should prepare yourself for. One, the owner is going to be fresher than you. You absolutely cannot flex on my man. His upper body has only felt the finest Jordan cottons. His kicks could easily outshine any pair on the Richmond Olympic Oval basketball courts making Mr Cleans head look like a back alley dumpster.

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joe grill
Deer Garden Signatures
anh and chi

Anh and Chi

Anh and Chi is the classiest place on the block. Cucumber water seconds after being seated. You know what they say about cucumbers, the pickle’s cooler uncle that parties; kind of like Brodie Jenner. However, my admiration for their progressive menu is esteemed.

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mamie taylors

Mamie Taylor’s

       From here on out every word you read will be interpreted as the voice of Sam Elliot. This place is Paul Bunyan during the prohibition era living in the lawless district of Chinatown. Bear skin rugs hitched to the walls as chattel. You ever stared a ten…

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Andina Brewery
Taqueria Playa Tropical