Marcello Pizzeria

Marcello Pizzeria

My first order of business at most Italian restaurants is an extremely refreshing, ice cold Peroni. When in Rome am I right? (Or little Italy in this case). Marcello, being a Neapolitan style pizzeria with a large wood burning oven does make the interior a little warm in the summer.

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Biercraft Bistro
Fire Pizza
Fresgo Inn Restaurant

Victoria Restaurant

Victoria is the business. Cash only and offers mafia seating in the back. Similar to a place Ray Liotta leaves a twenty dollar tip on $5 bill, and the waitresses deserve it. They are a team of the most elite old Asian ladies in East Van running the entire front end of the operation.

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Okay… You know on diners drive-ins & dives when Guy Fieri refers to Flavortown? Havana is the province that governs it. This is a town where the ham burglar is doing twenty-five to life and Mayor McCheese has been impeached.

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Walked into Nikkyu on a rare sunny Vancouver day ready to roll. After being seated I noticed the “Free Wifi” sign and tapped into that real quick. The patio even has an auxiliary cord for customers to play bangers on.

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