Chicago’s own Appleby drops his video for his moving single “Young Lost Love”


Appleby has made sorrow, beautiful ..

            Chicago's own singer-songwriter Appleby is rock and soul meet the hope in sorrow all in one. His articulation of emotion is mesmerizing, capturing the open hearts of all his fans. Simplicity is king when it comes to the production on Appleby's music as the main focus is how he touches on personal experiences that may be so relatable you'd think it was written about you. This approach really lets you listen to what Appleby has to say and in turn grabs a hold of your attention with two clinched fists. His latest album, Happiness, released on July 27th and is already one of my favourite projects of the year with favourites such as "Lady Sunshine," "Like U" and "Young Lost Love." The album is cohesive and satisfies like a nice cup of tea in a cold afternoon. Like the album, "Young Lost Love" gives us an emotional story of something we all have gone through and lost, which is young love. The album's closing track gets the visuals it deserves with a personal 'home-made style', but yet touching music video. 

Watch the video for "Young Lost Love" below and listen to the rest of Happiness here as well. You can find various tracks off the LP on our Spotify playlist Melancholy Love.

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