Veteran rapper Classified gets reflective on new single “Changes”


Classified gets reflective..

           Chance The Rapper may be the most known successful independent rapper, but before him it was Classified who made a career from being independent eventually gaining national recognition. He was THE rapper from Canada's Atlantic and someone who pushed hip-hop's original boom bap rap sound. To this day the Nova Scotian emcee still releases music and is one of the most respected Canadian artists. Last week we were blessed with Classified's second single of the year titled "Changes." We see a reflective veteran rapper looking back at his life on a real Marshall Mathers type sound. He links up with singer Anjulie who provides an impeccable chorus to set the pensive tone. "Changes" follows up to Classified's first release of 2018, "Powerless," which you can check out the video below.

Stream Classified's latest single here on Spotify and find it on the City Soundcheck playlist.