Classified shares the video for his reflective single “Changes” + interview


Classified hits all the way home in new video..

            Classified has been doing it for Canadian hip-hop for as long as we can remember and for many of us has been/is a sort of father figure as he constantly drops knowledge. This is even more relevant in his recent singles, "Powerless" and "Changes," which dropped in the last couple months.  After one listen of "Changes," you can tell Classified is at the most reflective point in his career and with time off comes time to dwell. This is what the Nova Scotian rapper touched upon in his response to our question on his hiatus and the change of environment around him as he gets older. He's going through moments he's never gone through before so there's always new subjects to touch upon using his music as his outlet. Classified's 'not yet titled' upcoming album is bound to be his best as he continues the trend of veteran rappers releasing better albums than their younger competition; the youth. The visuals were filmed in his hometown at his high school where Classified reminisced on his first show in his high school's auditorium. He was accompanied by Canadian singer Anjulie in the video who provided the vocals for the track's chorus capturing the moment completely. You can check out our short full interview with Classified below for some of the questions we had from his single "Changes" and more. Get your credit cards ready as Classified confirmed he'll be bringing his tour to Vancouver in October.

Watch the visuals for "Changes" below and find the single still chillin on our City Soundcheck playlist via Spotify. Also check out Classified's latest new single "She Ain't Gotta Do Much" below providing us with a more playful cut, but still with layered messages.

An Interview with Classified

by Miguel B.

1. You haven’t released an album since 2016 and in your track “Changes,” you mentioned how your friends and people around you don’t listen to rap how they used to and kind of moved on. Is that the reason for the 2 year gap? Was it harder to find inspiration with less people surrounding you?

Nah... I think that’s just something that came over the years.. even a lot of the people I came up rapping with.. don't rap anymore. But nah, that's something I’ve noticed over the last 5 to 10 years slowly happening. I think the fact that i just stayed home in the studio, by myself, not doing shows and tours for the last 2 years.. that really made me start to dwell on those things.. and with “Changes” I really wanted it to feel like I was talking about the shit that goes on in most artists heads that they don’t ever talk about – especially those that have been around for a long time.

2. You’ve been around for a while now making you one of the Canadian OGs of Hip-Hop. From your two released singles “Changes” and “Powerless” you seem to be at your most reflective in your career. Would you say that your upcoming album is your ‘Recovery.’ (Eminem)?

Nah, because that was one of Eminem's worst albums.... lol.. and I think this is one of my best albums.... I just think this is where I’m at in life.. that's how I’ve always written.

3. The visuals for “Changes” have you back at your high school auditorium. How important was it to bring it back to day 1; now being who you are. Did your accomplishments really set in once you set foot back in the old stomping grounds?

Yea. it's crazy.. cause I didn't even remember that, that was where I did my first show until we went there the day of the shoot and we starting reminiscing. Walking through the old high school and just remembering moments of us freestyling in the hallways etc... really made me think like wow, I took this rap shit way further then what anyone thought I could.. even myself.

4. You tip toe around the idea of retiring in “Changes.” Hip- Hop is primarily for the youth, but the OGs/veteran rappers are sticking around releasing better albums than the youth these days. What do you think is the importance of having veteran rappers like you stick around?

If they got some shit to say.. I say keep doing it. If your rapping about the same shit you were when you were 18 years old.. and now your 40… yea, it’s probably a good idea to call it a day. But I think as we grow older .. the listeners grow with us and I wanna hear what a 40 year old is going through and thinking about.

5. Being a vet in the rap game, what young Canadian rapper are you most excited about?


6. Last question.. Can we expect a Canadian tour for your upcoming album? If so, Vancouver would love to have you back.

Oh yea!! Coming in October!!


~ City Soundcheck