cleopatrick bring their “Youth” to Vancouver


Canadian rock duo impress with their first live show in Vancouver..

              Lifelong best friends and now band-mates Luke Gruntz and Ian Fraser kicked off the North American part of their “youth” tour at the Biltmore Cabaret featuring their latest album release, the boys. The Canadian rockers found themselves performing in Vancouver for the first in their young history. They were excited to be back in their home country after playing at multiple venues in France, Germany, and the UK prior to their return.  Performing along side cleopatrick was Vancouver’s own garage rock band trio, The Dead Zones, both of which gave those that were lucky enough to be there on that brisk Wednesday night a show worth the money.

Getting the night started was the aforementioned rock trio, The Dead Zones. Not only was an opening act a surprise to me, but also to the band performing. With only two days notice The Dead Zones put on what was the perfect warm-up show to cleopatrick. These guys had my attention from the first strike of a chord, with the drummer sporting the local Vancouver Canadians, to the guitarist with a uniquely high hold on his music maker, and of course the majestic rock flow of the lead singer. Great surprise to start the night, and if you’re a local here in Vancouver I would highly recommend checking these guys out.

After the anticipation of the opening act, it was only a matter of time before cleopatrick hit the stage. I knew it was going to be something special after watching Ian meticulously set up his drums, and Luke prepare his highly precise pedal board. Although there are only two of them, cleopatrick had no problems filling the room with the rock sounds that a 5-man band could put out. Passionate about every note, thriving off of every head-bang in the crowd, cleopatrick gave all their lucky guests one hell of an experience. Playing the likes of their hit songs “hometown” and “youth," you would be silly not to check out this act live.

All in all what was a calm brisk Wednesday night for most people, it wasn’t for some. October 17, 2018 marked the very first performance in Vancouver for cleopatrick, the rock duo from Ontario, who will continue touring until early December where they close out in their home province.

You can stream their featured single “youth” as well as their latest album the boys on Spotify, which you can stream below.