Dan Auerbach – Waiting on a Song

dan auerbach
dan auerbach

A walk down nostalgia road with a new sound...

Stand out Tracks: "Waiting on a Song," "Malibu Man," "King of a One Horse Town," "Stand By My Girl"

Release Date: June 2nd, 2017

           The album could not have come at a better time with the summer season just starting. The Black Keys frontman, Dan Auerbach's new solo studio album, "Waiting on a Song." It takes you through nostalgic times making me picture my father driving in the California sun in the 80s when his only worry was catching the last glimpse of the sun at a nearby beach. The album is made up of 10-tracks with singles, "Waiting on a Song," "Shine on Me," and lastly "King of a One Horse Town" all making an appearance. No features on the album, but Dan did get some help from musical greats who have worked with Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley as provided by Consequence of Sound. The album in its entirety is mellow, but uplifting and positive at the same time.

The album opens with "Waiting on a Song" that has a country edge to it, but a soft indie rock demeanor that has you sit back in your seat and sigh to yourself, 'those were simpler times.' Released with a music video we can all relate to, it illustrates the struggles in growing up. "Malibu Man" is the following song that embodies California surf rock incorporating harmonies that were made prominent by The Beach Boys. The lyrics boast about the incredible life of living in Malibu and all it has to offer. "Livin' in Sin" seems to have Dan reflecting on his younger days getting into trouble, but finding the positive perspective on it. "Shine On Me" continues the same positive outlook in life as in "Livin' in Sin," but with what may be the catchiest chorus on the album. "King of a One Horse Town" is when Dan takes a turn into deeper meaning speaking on the natural fears people have in leaving their comfort zones.

Love enters the album through "Never in My Wildest Dreams" with Dan singing about someone that seems so out of reach and the struggle of making it a reality. It's the calmer song out of the bunch making the transition to a familiar sound in "Cherrybomb." "Cherrybomb" is really the only song that displays Blues on the album and any real connection to The Black Keys. "Stand by My Girl," describes a funny perspective to a relationship where Dan describes what sounds like a woman with a strong personality that might end up being the death of him. Dan Auerbach's signature sound is a little more evident in this one with some soul mixed in with the mellow rock. The second half of the album displays a Dan Auerbach we have come to know, but with a focus on love & relationships. The album concludes with "Undertow" and "Show Me." Both songs have soothing guitar strums with similar lyrics on relationship struggles, but preserve the soft undertones that keep it light. "Waiting on a Song" exposes a different direction from Dan Auerbach's work with The Black Keys that boasts a casual sound and a very easy listen. It may not sit well with the Blues fans, but for me, I will always be happy with a mellow album I can relax to. Dope. 

You can find several of the tracks from Dan Auerbach's new album on the Spotify playlist, 'Burn Slow Vibesthat showcases mellow and positive songs.

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