Danii RoundTree’s unique Jazz-infused R&B/Soul is something to turn heads

Danii RoundTree
Danii RoundTree

MEMOIRS  out Summer 2017


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Danii's voice is undeniably one of a kind and crystalline clear..

          When I heard Danii RoundTree's music for the first time, she reminded me of Amy Winehouse who took the Jazz element of her music and made it to the mainstream. By no means when you think of Atlanta these days you think of Jazz or soulful R&B, but Danii RoundTree has taken it upon herself to change that. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia and has been a performer since she was just 11 years old with music always dominating her life. She's making her name be heard and making noise locally through constantly doing live shows whenever she can. She's performed at a number of venues, festivals and even in musicals. She competed in the Miss USA pageant, season 8 of American Idol being of the 100 semi-finalists, been on Broadway, attended Dillard Center for the Performing Arts High School and Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. When it comes to experience on stage she has a lot of it, so it comes to no surprise that she's known for her live show performances. One of her most notable performances was her show at the 40th Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival this past May with other notable performers such as Robery Glasper, Macy Gray and Freddy Cole. All she needs now is a new album to allow her to continue her busy schedule.

Danii RoundTree's upcoming album is titled, Memoirs, as she describes the album as exactly that; memories and experiences of her life through song. As the album is not out yet I am unable to share it, but I was privileged enough to listen to the 10-track project. The only two songs released are the singles, "Crave," and "Good Day Lover," which you can stream here on either Spotify or Soundcloud. "Crave" was the correct song to choose as the first single as it displays her vocal range and is stuck in the middle between including Jazz elements while making it a Pop song that's radio friendly. Since my love burns deeply for Amy Winehouse, Danii's songs that even resemble a little bit to Amy's style are my favourites on the album, which include three of the tracks titled, "Dysfunkshunull," "Karma," and "Good Day Lover." The slow jazzy element to the songs with her quavering melodies make for the three standout tracks of the album. Up-beat tracks like "Caroline" bring up a resemblance of Janelle Monae, which are pop songs if anything. My opinion on Pop music is that there is already enough mainstream Pop singers out there, but not enough singers like Amy Winehouse who choose to sing Jazz/Soul and still break the mainstream. I'd like to see Danii RoundTree focus on the Jazz/Soul music and leave the Pop alone as her raw voice is unique and meant for something deeper than Pop.

Follow her, share her music and if you're in Atlanta keep an eye out for a Danii RoundTree show. 


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