Dark Model clenches your soul through the epic journey that is SAGA

dark model
Dark Model


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Re-live every epic finale and action sequence through Dark Model’s newest 13-track electronic symphony..

          Born in Hiroshima, Japan, but residing in New York, Tatsuya Oe (known as Dark Model) is an illustrious music producer who’s had a celebrated twenty-year career making music you may not be familiar with from the mainstream scene, but is one who demands respect. His orchestral, electronic music is an epic finale over and over again that won’t let you blink. You may recognize his music production from appearances in box office film trailers like “Elysium,” “The Paperboy,” and “Money Monster,” or advertising campaigns for Lexus, for Verizon’s ‘Droid’, and Xbox’s video game ‘Forza Motorsport 5.’

Oe’s successes aren’t few, having just released a new album this year titled, SAGA, he attempts to follow up his self-titled debut album that was nominated for Best Dance/Electronica Album at the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards. SAGA is an emotional 13-track journey calculated to the millisecond. I would compare Tatsuya Oe to the likes of music producer/composer, Hanz Zimmer, in the way they can both tell an action-packed story musically; that begs for a feature film to go with it. Oe likens his work to the production of a film/anime with complex characters and what I imagine the greatest action sequences since Pokemon’s release.

The journey begins with “Prelude,” which instantly reminds me of “Pirates of the Caribbean” kicking off the new album with a progressive up-beat track giving you a taste of what’s yet to come. “Avalon” jumps right into the mix with a high-energy and triumphant sound, which is put into overdrive once “Rage and Redemption” takes over. It’s at this point, layered with dramatic choir melodies, that I'd assume the world is ending and there is fire everywhere. “Survivors” brings it back a bit emotionally, channelling hope through progressive synths and exuberant violins. The contrast between the songs is what motivates the narrative, with Oe proving that where there is comfort, “Inferno Suite” will follow. The following two tracks, “Labrynth” and “Storm Goddess” are an introspective tale juggling between rage and vulnerability. “Danse Macabre (Dance of Death)” incorporates dub-step elements queuing in the dramatic choir melodies as heard earlier in the album making death apparent. “Elegy” and “Dawn of Resurrection” close the album through a tranquil, but progressive ending that indirectly and subtly promises a trilogy; musically declaring a ‘resurrection.’

In terms of being an epic orchestral journey, Tatsuya Oe hits all the right chords demanding visuals for his narrative through the intense production. As Fatboy Slim put it, his music is truly “f***ing insane!” Though, when it comes to listening to SAGA without visuals it’s like watching Cirque du Soleil without sound; it’s still amazing, but is missing a major component. Visuals aside, the man is still a musical genius that EDM heads everywhere will be bowing down for. Check out the full length album on Spotify, Soundcloud or the single, "Survivors" below on Youtube.



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