Deer Garden Signatures – Dine Dom

Deer Garden Signatures

8388 Capstan Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4A7


3.5/5 stars

       You know right off the bat when you see 'cash only' in the heart of West Cambie in Richmond, you're in the presence of authentic Chinese food. And being the only gweilo in the building was further affirmation of the fact. But once seated, the classic overly romantic Asian pop soundtrack makes your heart melt and you forget about things like how seemingly every time you log into mobile banking an organization has been authorized to take your money. At which point the waitress will tune in and you will order using numbers. You may even go off menu and build an entire soup "West Coast Customs style". Unfortunately, selections don't include spinners or plasma TV's which is why Xzibit chose not to represent them, but customization goes as deep as choosing the soup base, noodles and two toppings. Pork chops and fried egg over rice couples symbiotically with their iced lemon tea which is liquid poetry on its very own. An overall emotional experience to say the least. With the cheque coming in under $10 on my end, there are far and few establishments that offer this kind of quality for your value.

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