EARTHGANG – Stuck (with Arin Ray)


Don't sleep on EARTHGANG's debut LP..

           Dreamville Records and Atlanta hip-hop duo EARTHGANG break out their latest release and first single off their debut LP MirrorLand. Their first single "Stuck" teases us an incredibly explosive and soulful sound that we expect to hear on their upcoming debut album. Their soulful twist to hip-hop shows their deep influence from Atlanta hip-hop greats like Outkast. Off the cuff you hear Andre 3000's influence on Johnny Venus' opening verse coming hard at ya like it's the soul train awards. The groove is undeniable on EARTHGANG's latest release as we've heard on past tracks like "Cocktail" or "Liquor Sto'." 

Stream "Stuck" below and find it on our City Soundcheck Playlist via Spotify.

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