Eminem – Walk On Water (ft Beyonce)


2 Legends connect on new single, "Walk On Water"..

          My oh my the day has finally come after an ambiguous marketing campaign that still looks no where close to being over. Eminem has finally dropped his highly anticipated first single since his 2013 album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The single is titled, "Walk On Water" and to everyone's surprise it features the Queen, Beyonce on the hook. We all expected a new Eminem track, but by no means did we expect such a legendary collaboration to take place. Although the first single released isn't as hyped and in-your-face as the first single chosen for his last album with "Berzerk," the reminiscent ballad is one we will welcome. No word on when Revival will be released, but a new single confirms its soon arrival.

You can stream the new track below on Youtube or Spotify.