Enter Leyeux’s tranquil world through his track “Tightrope”


Let Leyeux take you to rural Vermont..

         Jack Snyder or better known as Leyeux is a musician and singer from rural Vermont whose interesting take on alternative music highlights his past as a drummer layering his soft voice with heavy 'boom-bap' drums. His voice exemplifies his peaceful upbringing in vermont where nature can be all the inspiration you need to make something beautiful. His passion for music led to life in Boston where he studied at the Berklee College of Music and met producer/instrumentalist/songwriter Adrian Harpham. Between living in Boston, New York (where he worked with Adrian) and Vermont it provided Leyeux with the subject matter needed for an album.

Moving to the city can be difficult for many and the feeling of being out of your comfort zone is beautifully captured in his single, "Tightrope" off his album Day Is Calling. You notice Leyeux's past studies at Berklee by the musical composition that is "Tightrope" and the deeper feeling of being on a tightrope transcends to a song that is both timeless and relatable when dealing with the insecurities of moving  to a busy city.

The rest of the album has other stand out tracks like "Aftermath," "Tribe of Light" and the title track "Day is Calling." Leyeux's production breaks and kicks between soothing and abstract synths taking you to a similar complex emotional state as James Blake (who Leyeux has drawn inspiration from). Watch the music video for "Tightrope" below and stream the rest of the album via Spotify.

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