Enter Terell Safadi’s sub-bass fueled fast life with new album ‘A Night to Remember’

terell safadi
terell safadi

Terell prepares new set list for Nelly opener with new album..

            Terell Safadi may just be getting on your radar or on your playlists, but the Vancouver rapper has been at it for a minute now opening for massive international acts such as French Montana, Juicy J, YG, Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Future and toured with Onyx to name a few. Terell initially got his national exposure through his 'Canuck tribute' track "Black, Red and Yellow," garnering over 600,000 views and an opening spot for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's 14-date tour. Fast forward 7 years and now after countless singles, opening spots, and his well-received When I Get To L.A. project; Terell plans a milestone in his rap career with his new album A Night to Remember. 

The 8-track album is a glimpse into Terell's fast-paced lifestyle of popping bottles, club appearances, flights, studio nights and well.. a passionate love life, which usually acts as a muse to an artist's best work. A Night to Remember sonically gives us club-ready tracks with what Bryson Tiller coined as trap soul. Terell's music will be bumping everywhere from strip clubs to luxury cars down sunset boulevard to our very own Granville strip. The album kicks off with the distorted sub-bass single "Lifestyle," which called the coveted Spotify playlist, Northern Bars home for over 5 weeks. This single was one of the two singles to release as promotion of his album along with "Cup Filled," which closes the album in celebration giving Vancouver a taste of what Terell was cooking. "Cup Filled" was released with a music video, which finds Terell skating around Vancouver celebrating with some drinks for what may have been a finished album at the time. Terell's EDM rap sound is still present on this album appearing on cuts such as "Crazy World" and "Bullet" featuring Alex Marusyk, which is paired with a fiery video below. His blend of EDM drops suspenseful basslines with reverberating synths and vocals that transport you to relive intoxicated nights. "All Your Love" is where the trap soul kicks in where Terell and Kae Carrigan trade their perspectives over the intensifying production. "Tonight" offers an escape from the dark sub-bass for a much more plausible alternative to the "you up?" text featuring New Jersey rapper Young N Fly. The following track, "On The Regular" could very well be the part II to a successful "Tonight." "On The Regular" is a thug's love song or an ode to women. It's the song off the album that a rapper like Juicy J would call his slow jam. "Link" continues the trap soul sound on the album with textures of R&B and intricate hi-hats for the most savory cut off the project.  

A Night to Remember is an EDM trap album laced with sub-bass and heavy 808s that puts Terell's fast life on a pedestal. It shows his growth as an artist since "Rumours,"which was a track demanding rotation due to the catchy production, but A Night to Remember exemplifies an album with substance that only comes with true hustle.

Stream A Night to Remember here on Spotify or Soundcloud, while you can find "Crazy World" on the City Soundcheck playlist. Terell Safadi will open for Nelly's sold out show on March 8th at the Harbour Event Centre, so get his new record on rotation to rap along.


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