Everett Bird gets ready to drop their debut LP

Everett Bird People Person

New single "Bucket of Dark Meat" builds anticipation for Everett Bird's upcoming new album: People Person

          Coming from Montreal, Everett Bird showcased their unique low-fi psychedelic sound with last year's 4 song tape Shmeverett Shmird. Now, they have announced a full-length album, People Person, on Royal Mountain Records alongside such City Soundcheck favourites as Mac Demarco and White Reaper. They have so far released the single "Bucket of Dark Meat" which will get you stoked for the new album. It features a dynamic melody, interlaced with rolling guitar riffs and flying psych vocals, sounding like a blend of early Tame Impala and PUP. These guys are just getting started, keep an eye on them. The album is set to release on February 22nd.

Check out our playlist on Spotify It Might Get Loud to find "Bucket of Dark Meat" and more!

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