Fable Diner – Dine Dom


151 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1W1


5/5 stars

               High end breakfast like it came out of the Cartier window and classier than third period French making moves like paying homage to Reno's (the original diner in that space) by naming a burger after them. Farm to table means every individual ingredient will be the best it can be. Bacon is a delicacy you've yet to experience, eggs fluffy as a lion's mane, potatoes have a crisp snap and sourdough is always a celebration. However, let's stop the games when it comes to bread and only serving one slice. Who do you think you are? Because I'll tell you who you're not, Christopher Columbus. Serving less than two slices of toast is like trying to convince the Pope there is no afterlife, it's a sin. So don't explore the topic any further. Their inventive milkshakes are good for at least a hundred likes on the gram. As John Travolta was bewildered by the five dollar milkshake, he would be confounded but appeased by Fables eight dollar shakes. But inflation right? We're all done. So try and sneak in before the rush hits or you'll be waiting in a line bigger than Tony Montana's nose could handle.

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