Fire Pizza – Dine Dom

Fire Pizza

1918 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4A7


3.5/5 stars

          Aesthetically the pizza looks like it's inspired by fiction. Imagine as if Bilbo Baggins and Willy Wonka came up with a crazy pizza parlour but then hired Rob Feenie (legend) to make sure the flavour matched its mythical visage. Toppings cover the whole slice and are COLOURFUL, BIG and BOLD. Their pizza lineup ranges from spinach & feta to honey garlic pork to things you'd never think of while still maintaining the classics. Every bite is a celebration of flavours from the overload of toppings to the crunchy thin crust. Tallboy of Arizona sweet tea with a couple slices doesn't run up a cheque and  puts me in a good place.


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