Freddie Future drops debut EP with new stand out track “Giving In To You”

freddie future

Toronto's Freddie Future paints pictures of heartbreak & love in new EP..

                 Toronto indie/R&B artist Freddie Future pledges a life in music with his self-titled debut EP Freddie FutureComing from a city where R&B is thriving with heartbreak being an artist's make it or break it, Freddie emerges painting personal pictures of love in the big city of Toronto. With three singles to spearhead his first release, his emerging voice was due to break through the Toronto saturation with "Too Heavy," "Leave Me Cold" and "Like It Never Happened." Now with a 7-track EP, Freddie has enough material to get his story of heartbreak across and ultimately the closure that comes at the end of the record. Though the record predominantly sits in the dark side of heartbreak with stand out track "Giving In To You," it does transition to more positive tones with "The Valley" and "Young." The EP is well balanced showing us the rollercoaster that is heartbreak and sharing tracks like "Giving In To You," which you can stream below that shows the Toronto singer is standing out in the R&B-laden city. 

Find "Giving In To You" on our The AM Sound playlist and "The Valley" on Burn Slow Vibes via Spotify.

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