Fresgo Inn Restaurant

Fresgo Inn Restaurant

10102 King George Highway, Surrey, BC V3T 2W4


3.5/5 stars

          Fresgo Inn Restaurant is every dads favourite restaurant. Ask him if you don't believe me. If he's never heard of it, take him there and then ask again. The Miami Vice 1980's diner feel to it with all the neon I find entertaining. Even the old style grill system where everyone grabs their plate from the chef like Larry David pulling a hero. The boys behind that glass are big, big boys who serve big boy portions. Omelettes are easily six eggs, the mushroom burger is farm on a bun, the beef dip is mighty. Your dollar will go further than a _______ in a _______ here. (feel free to have fun with that mad lib). Bunch of big screens are usually broadcasting the ball game which is always nice. 

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