Friday Night Fires’ debut EP is a shot of nostalgia straight to the soul

friday night fires
friday night fires

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The moustache-led band is one to follow..

Stand out Tracks: "How Far I'd Go," "Back to the Light"

Release Date: March 31st, 2018

            Beginning their musical journey in Kamloops, BC, Friday Night Fires is a 4-man band now based out of Vancouver bringing their moustache-led nostalgia to the local scene. Their retro sound and raw cigarette-laden vocals transport you back to the most throwback of memories. Friday Night Fires bring their unique 'The Killers-type' nostalgia and Benjamin Booker hair-raising soul to the Vancouver rock scene as they attempt to reach a wider audience. Their self-titled debut EP Friday Night Fires is their testament to a musical journey that begins with moving to the big city and leaving their roots behind for a shot at their dream.

 Their self-titled EP Friday Night Fires is just over 3 months old now and is definitely a project that will stand the test of time. The thing about nostalgic rock is it will never go out of style because it will always have a spot in your soul and that is FNF's sound. The opening track, "How Far I'd Go" kicks off the project with an emotional ballad loaded with the desperation of love that proves their range when the laid-back breather, "Back to the Light" gently follows. Then comes "Whiskey," no matter where you are, or who you're with; the whiskey always tastes the same. This one track hits home and proves that you just can't go wrong with a song about whiskey. "Janie" may not have a gun, but she damn sure broke someone's heart. The closing track demands for the lighters to come out as Friday Night Fires closes out their debut EP with a melodious jam. In addition to their incredible EP cover that captures the whole project's vibe of nostalgia, Friday Night Fires is one of the most promising local bands who deserve attention. Think Benjamin Booker and The Killers together and you get Friday Night Fires. Listen to their full EP here via Spotify and follow them via Facebook and Instagram as well.

Be sure to support local bands and check out Friday Night Fires' show at The Portside Pub on July 12th (Grab tickets here). You can also find "How Far I'd Go" and "Back to the Light" on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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