Friday Night Fires deliver their second EP ‘Won’t’ proving Vancouver rock has soul

Friday Night Fires by @rhyswood
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Friday Night Fires

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Bringing rock n' soul to the west coast..

             Vancouver's Friday Night Fires marked their first appearance in Vancouver's rock scene last year with their self-titled EP Friday Night Fires featuring the favourite romance-laden cut "How Far I'd Go." Their debut EP introduced us to the raspy-soul inflicted rock that Friday Night Fires now can confidently call their sound. The pain in romance is felt and communicated through their music in such a way that empowers the wounded making you wish you ever felt that way about someone. The heartbreak and quest for love continues with their latest EP, Won'tBetween the emotional somber breaks and soulful crooning screams, Friday Night Fires has you right there with them like a puppet at every note. The 4-track EP is spear-headed by their lead single "Everything" that makes you wonder "here we go again," but you can't help but to succumb to their emotional belt. The project also includes tracks: "The Invitation," which the project optimistically opens with and is followed by "Drive" and "Same Things" to finish it off. If you were at the album release party, you'd be emotionally and physically drained at this point because the band can really get the crowd moving like no other local band I've seen. You can check out Friday Night Fires' performance of "Drive" at one of Sofar Sounds' intimate Vancouver shows below.

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