Gesaffelstein – Lost in the Fire (ft The Weeknd)


When melancholy turns pop you know it's The Weeknd x Gesaffelstein..

              French DJ and electronic musician Gesaffelstein worked with The Weeknd on his 2018 EP My Dear Melancholy, making it apparent that these two have an undeniable chemistry that needs to be exploited and 2019 happens to be the year. The French producer recruits The Weeknd for his latest single titled, "Lost in the Fire." Both artists have a similar aesthetic; ranging from their experimentation with dark pop electronic to their use of shades of black. When their dark souls meet they make amazing music that comes from melancholy turned pop. "Lost in the Fire" is another example of their creativity with visuals to match directed by Manu Cossu, which you can check out below. The Weeknd has been teasing new music in 2019 for a bit now calling for the release of his upcoming album titled, Chapter VI, but for now we will have to bask in the sounds of Gesaffelstein. 

Watch the full music video below for "Lost in the Fire" and you can also find it on our The AM Sound playlist via Spotify.

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