Hello Victim share their classic dreamlike visuals to “Feel Slow”

hello victim

Vancouver's Hello Victim drop lover-dedicated visuals in a dreamlike world..

                Vancouver indie synthpop band Hello Victim followed their debut single "Come Over" by releasing their latest tune "Feel Slow" back in July, but the dreamlike song needed visuals. It's a step back from their debut with a softer tempo that allows you to really soak in the lyrics and take in the moment like a lover calms your mind. Comparisons to the likes of Anne Of The North are even more real with the Shaelin Fritzsch-directed visuals, taking place in a retro ranch setting. It's a beautiful video that shows the band members roaming free, metaphorically showing how time can pass quickly doing nothing when you're with someone you love. Watch the classic music video for "Feel Slow" below.

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