Honors’ debut album ‘Feel Better’ is a beautifully chaotic late night vibe

via Honors Facebook

Toronto's Honors are late night's new soundtrack..

Stand out Tracks: "Fuck With My High," "August," and "Feel Better"

Release Date: November 6th, 2018

              Honors are the latest alt-R&B group to come out of our cold neighbour Toronto's streets and to Los Angeles for warmth. What started as a race against the clock in finding the light in dark times has now become a brilliant 9-track debut album that will soundtrack your late nights for nights to come. Doves symbolize hope and peace and that's why their album cover is full of them, but for Honors it's more about a peace of mind. Their debut album is titled Feel Better giving us heavy production with soft vocals that metaphorically describe the conflict within us all. 

The Toronto four man group have been teasing their debut album for over a year now releasing their first single that appears on the album back in 2017 titled, "Over." Since then they've continued to drop loose tracks that appear on their debut like "Valleys," "Compromise" and the title track, "Feel Better." With only loose tracks released with no sign of a home, Honors dropped their two-track EP X2uo earlier this year in order to hold their fans over for what now is the release of their debut album. With the tracks mentioned above already released, Feel Better gives us 5 totally new unheard songs sending us down an emotional rabbit hole with light at the end.

The opening song, fittingly, "Opener" gives you the first taste of this complex and beautifully chaotic palette. "Feel Better" is the cycle and acceptance of contradiction; where your lies become your truths setting the overall theme of the album.

"Fuck With My High" is one of the standouts on the project bringing the group's substance abuse to light and giving us one of the more vibey R&B cuts. Then come "Valleys" and "Over," which are Honors' most popular tracks having been previously released — already amassing millions of streams via Spotify.

"August" is definitely the trap cut off the project, bringing some much needed hype to the album turning profound hurt into energy and fuel. "Broken" is the come down from "August," allowing the most vulnerable track on Feel Better leading up to the up beat and hopeful "Compromise."

Their album ends on the high note that is "Run For Your Life." Dark moments in your life are hard to move on from and even harder to stay in the light sometimes, but the closing track tells us that as soon as we get to the light to simply "Run for Your Life" and never look back.

Honors have that late night sound that soundtrack those pensive moments you may have driving alone at night or walking home that keep you running up the hill of thoughts. This album, mainly due to the contrast between the heavy trap/electronic beats and soft vocals, puts you in a trance-like state that demands for a late night drive. Dope.