Hotel Mira – This Could Be It For Me

hotel mira
hotel mira

Possibly the best thing Hotel Mira have done so far..

           Charlie Kerr, the witty and charismatic leader of Hotel Mira, appears to be in top form on the latest single, "This Could Be It For Me." Produced by Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Arkells), this song is an energetic, danceable rock anthem. I think it’s possibly the best thing Hotel Mira have done so far. It’s definitely succeeding at getting me super excited for this upcoming full-length release. Complete with hand claps and “la la la”s, the production is top-tier.

It’s been very rewarding watching the evolution of this band. From when they were called JPNSGRLS to now, they’ve always been this energetic and poetic force in the Vancouver scene. They’ve maintained that energy and edge to their sound while evolving at the same time. You could hear the transition from Divorce, released as JPNSGRLS, to the self-titled Hotel Mira EP, and that trajectory continues with the recent singles. There is definitely a more perceived effort at creating catchier hooks, and it serves them well. Kerr has always been a fantastic lyricist and that continues here. With lines like “If it’s not tonight then it’s still on my mind… how nice,” he captures with painful accuracy the defeat and drain of bittersweet victories when battling depression and suicidal thoughts. Despite this, the song manages to stay mostly optimistic in tone. Kerr himself calls it “a battle cry for help.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Check out the song below, while the video is out October 4th. It’s really cool. Find their previous single "The Eyes on You" on our Burn Slow Vibes playlist via Spotify.

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